We (L.C. Enterprises) adhere to all privacy requirements (Safe Harbor) of the United States and the European Union.

Email Privacy

  • We do not send any Emails other than registration information or replies to customer service or other requests.
  • We never send any commercial or promotional Emails. We firmly believe that the user should come to the information and not the information to the user.
  • We do not share Email addresses with other parties other than the payment processor that you used to make your purchase. For more information about their privacy policies, please visit their web site.

Policy regarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

  • Secure collection of PII:
    • Our payment processors use Secured Socket Layers (SSL), which is a technology that encrypts pages that collect sensitive information such as credit card numbers, etc.
  • What PII is collected:
    • The only PII that we have about you is what you provided to the payment processor that you used to make your purchase. However, the only information that we actually use are:
      • Your full name.
      • Your Email address.
      • Your payment method.
    • If you used a credit card to pay for your purchase, this information is only available to the processor that you used. We never see, store or have access to your credit card number or bank information.
    • Depending on the payment processor that you used, we don't even have access to your physical address.
  • How your PII will be used:
    • It will only be used to process your purchase, upgrade or customer service requests.
    • We will never share your information with any other parties unless it is ordered by a legitimate law enforcement organization.
    • We do not supplement your PII with information from other sources.
  • Tracking technology:
    • We do not use cookies or similar technologies to identify you personally and track your visits to our web site.
    • We only track visits for statistical purposes and this is done in an anonymous way.
  • Access to your PII:
    • You can access the PII that you have provided by checking the purchase receipt that you received from our payment processor or by logging in to their site where applicable.
    • We can amend, correct or permanently delete your PII anytime at your request.
    • If you want us to permanently delete your PII you should know that we will not be able to process any upgrade requests from you anymore. All requests of this type will be processed within 30 days, depending on your payment method.
    • We can only delete the PII that we have about you, we cannot influence our payment processor's PII storage policy. For this you will have to contact them directly.
    • We cannot delete your PII if your account has been involved in any type of fraud. We will store the PII in order to protect ourselves from future fraud attempts and will share it with anti-fraud and law enforcement organizations.
  • Security measures:
    • We use data encryption and all the latest anti-Virus, anti-Spyware and anti-Trojan technologies as well as the best IT practices in order to protect your data from unauthorized access.
  • Complaints or requests:
    • You can use our online contact form in order to reach us. We usually respond to all requests within 12-24 Hs


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Last updated: 9/4/2005
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