Auction Web Site Setup Instructions for EasyAuction

  1. Make sure that the Visual Basic 6 (SP6) (1 MB) Runtime Module is installed on your computer. If you get a message stating that "MSVBVM60.DLL" is missing in your system, please download this.
  2. If you don't have Access 2000 or later installed on your machine, or if, when you run EasyAuction, it shows you a Database error message and all fields are empty, then you need to install the following programs available at the Microsoft Data - Downloads Page:
    MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components)
    Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8
  3. Run The EasyAuction program from the Start Menu:

    a) Enter your desired Admin User ID.

    b) Enter your desired Admin Password.

    c) Enter your Company's name, etc.

    a) Select the desired colors for the Auction Site by clicking on them.

    b) Select Hover and Underline effects for Hyperlinks.

    a) Type in the Site's name, as well as footer.

    b) Select a Template from the list.

    c) Select a Language Template from the list. NOTE: You can edit the language files located in the program's directory or create new ones in order to suit your needs. This should be done before starting the program.

    A language file looks like this:

    End Auctions
    Add Categories

    Just edit the text under the Tags and save the file before generating a Site. Do not edt anything else, as this might cause errors on your site.


    370 = Link to payment form #1
    371 = Link to payment form #2
    100 = Session time out in minutes
    116 = Currency sign


    a) Select the path to your PWS (Personal Web Server located on the Win98 CD). If you don't want to preview the site on your PC, select the desired installation path.

    b) Select the path to the Web Server's Root.

    Example 1:
    If you plan to put your site in the Root of the Web Server type only: \

    Example 2:
    If you plan to put your site in a sub directory type in its name: \me


    Your Auction Site has been created.

    To put the Auction Site on the Internet, you will need to upload the files keeping the structure of the folder.

    Your Hosting Provider needs to support ASP (Active Server Pages).

    If they require you to make a DSN (a DSN is a name given to a database file in order to refer to it):
    a) Just upload the EasyAuction.mdb file to your provider, tell them its name and location, and that the DSN needs to be called EasyAuction.

    b) Then comment and uncomment the connection strings in the opendatabase.asp file to reflect your requirements. This will instruct the Auction Site to use a DSN instead of trying to access the DB file directly.


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Last updated: 5/12/2007
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